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Ok so like

Posted by 7IsUnlucky - January 12th, 2010

Apparently I can play guitar

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Comments (11)

You were seven when you joined?


Maybe you should try learning some math

FAG! lolololololol you is such a gay ass queer and you realy need to get a life cause making out that your all hard core and then when someone says something you freak out like a geek and harass people!

Try using some punctuation next time

lols! who cares about punctuation here huh? HUH!?! and seriousluy wtf? get a life rather than goin on at dat cause your just a noobish pedo! so get bent needle dick!

Oh, so I'm a pedo now? And how do I have less of a life than you, praytell? You stay on Newgrounds all day long waiting for a response from me to flame, whereas I, on the other hand, go to friends' houses about 1/3+ my waking hours, and otherwise play guitar or talk to my family.

P.S. I am so totally the one overreacting here.

Removed by user ? OMFG!


It's funny how i'm pretty much your only NG friend now since you've made enemies with countless people just because they critisized you or mentioned LLL.

But hey, we're still jolly ol' friends :D

No, you're a fag

I have loads of friends, including LLL. And IRL friends, which I doubt you've ever had ANY of

Dast owns you big nosed cunt and dont forget to ban me on your userpage if you cry.

Hello Hiii

Um lmao, just because you couldn't figure out an explanation for Dast being a fag i'm somehow gay?

And dude, who needs IRL friends when I HAVE REAL FRIENDS.

which I doubt you've ever had ANY of.

Those are so totally completely different

I know what IRL means, since I was being sarcastic. It's obvious that if you can't handle e-friends, then you can't handle regular friends.

Maybe the day will come though :)

Now lets stop this fighting and get back in my pants bish

Is everyone on the internet completely fucking illiterate?

duwd, ure gr8 at evryting and so maturrr,,,,,,,......!!!

man, i WIsh i culd be u :_c

fagfagfag 0wns btw !!!"&%¤%

Have you ever even heard of an English class?

n0w its team t0 blocc meh


What kind of team? Football? Soccer?

d00d, u heav s0 much imag1nat0n !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You do know you're not funny/cool in the least, right?